For Blind and Vision-Impaired
Ham Radio Operators


   This HamRadioAndVision Web site has practical information for blind and vision-impaired amateur radio operators. Subjects include accessible transceivers, speech synthesizers, RF exposure safety, D-STAR, VOIP, digital modes, rig monitoring, radio programming, and power/SWR meters.

   The articles on this site are grouped in 11 sections. Click on the section name below to go to a page that lists the articles in that group.

WebSite Contents

          1. Advances in Usability Including Accessible Radios

          2. Speech Synthesizers for Transceivers

          3. Rig Monitoring

          4. Software-Defined Radio

          5. RF Exposure Safety

          6. HF Digital Radio

          7. D-STAR and VOIP

          8. Programming Tools for Radios

          9. Meters

         10. Transceiver Multi-Meters

         11. Small Transmitting Loop Antennas



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Author Information

   Peter DeNeef, AE7PD, is an Extra Class amateur radio operator in the U.S.A. This website has no ads or conflicts of interest.
Email: HamRadioAndVision *at* gmail *dot* com.